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Trying to mix up local riding by finding new roads. Using my phone w/ an app like G maps or copilot has been frustrating. Part of what I'm looking for is technology, but also a system/technique. Doesn't have to be a phone. Frankly I'm souring on using my phone on a bike. Its just not made for bad eyes and gloved hands.
  • I want to plot a route on my computer and then be able to launch a mapping app that shows me the route. No way-points or destinations, just a route. Ideally I don't have to export then import .gpx or .kml files.
  • I do not want turn by turn directions, I just want to know if I'm on the route or off the route
  • I do not want the app to try and find a different route or to force me to some particular location (which what most apps do)
  • If I see something interesting I want to explore w/o changing the route
  • If I decide I want to get back on the route, it'll just select he closest point on the route and take me there
  • I want to zoom in or zoom out using voice commands, no button pushing
  • For extra credit it would show me at the end of the ride what I actually did (tracks) vs the route I planned and allow me to modify a route if I find a better one
So far I have not found anything that works like this. What is your tech / system? It seems like everyone on a bike who isn't looking for straight point to point navigation would want something like this.
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