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I think I need to retap a thread...

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I think I'm using the correct terminology. On my 996 I posted here before how I had thought the little plug bolt underneath the mesh filter looked like it had been slightly leaking some time ago. Anyway at that time I decided to reseat/retighten it even though I had never messed with it. Anyway I couldn't find the torque value and so ended up overtorquing. My guess is I torqued to 25nm but later found in the book that that little plugs torque it like 9nm. Anyway I could tell I had overtightened as the little aluminum washer got crushed.

To get to the point today I decided to drain the oil and put on a new washer. But I think I can see that one of the thread furthest away, at the end of where the bolt would be, is not there. I'm guessing I messed it up.

Should I just use the sealant on the thread that you're supposed to use according to the boo, put on a new washer and hope it doesn't leak. Or do I need to learn how to retap. And how do I do that?
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· Bobaganoosh
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The bolt your talking about is a M12 bolt and I dont have a thread pitch gauge to tell but its fine pitch looks like 1.25. Now here is your problem. Its a fine pitch thread into alum. The fine pitch thread doesnt leave much material to be repaired and can make all the threads even thiner and more prone to damage. The tap will just chase the threads and it wont replace the thread that is missing. Chasing the threads will re-align all the threads back to spec. Once you chase it with a tap you are probably 99% secure with 9nm torque and a good sealant. If you want it 100% you need to drill it out and use a thread repair kit such as Heli-Coil, Permacoil or Timesert.

Thread repair kits will come with all tools needed and full instructions, you will have to drill the threads out. Tap it and put a thread insert it, using the supplied tools. So getting a dill at the exact 90 degree angle underneath your bike is going to be tough.

Tapping is not hard, use the wrench that comes with the tap kit, use some oil on the tap as cutting fluid. Motor oil works fine. Thread the tap in, just like a bolt, once you get some resistance back it off a half-turn then forward a turn or two then back it off another half turn. Keep going till you get the majority of the tap through the threads. This process is called chasing the thread. Where if you did this to a bare drilled hole, its tapping a new thread.


Also check e-bay.
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