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after starting to do track days on my bmw r100r.... i needed a little more ground clearance and was quoted about £1000 to raise the engine in the frame so i thought to myself...... i could almost buy a ducati for that!

so i bought a 1992 900ss

it needed a little cosmetic tlc and i have spent far too long on it, but have also done 2 trackdays at cadwell park, with 5 more between the 18th june and 9th july.... 3 of them at cadwell park again :)

key updates are
1cm longer that standard nitron shock
cut airbox
new fork oil
steering damper, a 160mm sprint that i had for my bm...
..... oh and couple of little stone chips on the sliders fixed with super glue....

there are still lots of things to do but it is a great bike and i'm looking forward to both it and me being able to go better around a track...

here is a bit of history

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