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Late last night, I finished up my CycleCat bar riser install. It wasn't hard at all and my biggest problem believe it or not, was removing the grip from the clutch side bar. It was rubber glued on there, I think.

Anyway, during my test run today, I ran into an issue. About 4-5 miles into my ride, my bike started to sputter, stall and buck, then it would die. Sometimes, it would not start at all. Once started it will have no trouble idling. I can blip the throttle all day long with no ill effects.

Now here's something weird. When I turn to the right, the bike starts. But sometimes, it will start even if I don't have the wheel turned.

So I'm thinking I messed up some wires during the install. I jiggle all the wires and check all exposed connections (not that I disconnected anything) nothing makes the bike stop or sputter during idle. Only when I'm moving do I experience the stalling/bucking issue. Oh yeah, I openned the gas tank and there was no vaccume, no hissing noise.

Now, as I'm limping home (pulling over when the bike almost gets ready to die) I'm about 2 miles from home then the bike starts to run normally. I make it home but just as I pull into the drive, it starts acting up again.

I checked all wires and didn't see any mangled sheaths or wires.

I think I can rule out bad gas, since I've been on this tank for about 20 miles now.

Here's what was done to the bike in the couple of days before my ride:
1. oil change
2. cyclecat install
3. clutch resovior fluid change (not a full flush) clutch operates normally
4. brake resovior fluid change (not a flull flush) brakes operates normally

Bike was started after oil change with no issues.
Kill switch can be spun around the bar (didn't tighten it down enough) grounding issue??
I'm thinking, maybe there's a short in the kill switch...but I can jiggle it and nothing happens. Is there a sensor I missed that's tied into what gear I'm in? It seems like its fuel but electrical in nature.

I'm just glad I made it home as I don't have a bike recovery plan in place :(.


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vtwin said:
I put my money on the kill switch. Something changed when you installed the risers.
Okay, I can officially close this thread.

The cyclecat bar risers may have compounded this problem but certainly wasn't the cause of it.

I looked over the bike today and found the cause. It turns out that when I installed the risers, it streched the clutch line just a tad at semi full lock. The clutch hose runs down along the frame and touches the sidestand bypass switch.

The blue plastic crimp/jumper of the bypass switch had become loose just enough to cut the engine when the clutch hose rubbed up against it. The sidestand wires that were crimped was working it's way loose.

I don't know who made the side stand bypass switch but after time, the blue crimp/jumper will become loose.

I'm not sure how to take care of this problem. Part of me wants to reinstall the sidestand switch which would eliminate all the potential problems down the road.

I would like to solder the wires together but don't know if that's a good idea.

So i've broken even. I broke it then fixed it :) Life's good now.

Thanks for your input.

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nathanTX said:
That's not breaking even, that's coming out WAY ahead. Anytime you can successfully fix something you messed up you learn valuable lessons and gain the ability to help others in the future. Sounds motivational-speaker-cheesy, but I'm serious. Big props for sticking with it and solving the problem yourself! I learn more from my mistakes and remember the lesson longer than if I'd done it right in the first place!
Thanks man! I was so close to getting it ready for a trip to Ferracci. I even prepped the wife as to what to expect when the bill comes (of course she freaks out on me:) ). But I made sure I called her in the middle of her meeting to let her know I fixed the damn thing :).
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