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Hi. I'm Mike and I have been riding a 2011 Hypermotard 796 since March 2012.
I was able to put 8100 miles on my Hyper this year. Every mile was a blast.:cool:
When I saw it, I knew that I had to ride it. And when I rode it, I knew that I had to have it. Schwing! ;)

I've started riding in 1970 (13 yr old) and have been riding or racing ever since.

For off-road, I'm a two-stroke freak and I have a 1982 Yamaha YZ 490 frame with a 1984 IT 490 motor dropped-in. It's an IZ 490.

I bought my Hypermotard because it rides like an 800cc dirtbike.
I take it off road occasionally but nothin freaky, nice and easy, yeah.

I also have an all-original 1962 Sears Allstate Vespa that I retired a few years ago and would like to sell.
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