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Hypermotard 939 MPG

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I just spoke to dealer that said it should do 120 to 140 with conservative highway ridding per tank, 25 to over 30 per gallon.

I would love to hear from those who have one to see what they are getting.

My commute is 60 miles one way to work. I am hoping to be able to get back home before filling??
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That really makes me feel better that my 120 mile commute on one tank won't be a problem.

Question though.. Why didn't they put a gas gauge E/F meeter? It seems so much easier than having to work with the trip millage.
I really don't understand the reasoning for that, other than the display not having room? For a road bike, I think this is an important function to have.
I mean, the one time you forget to reset the trip monitor, then it becomes a guessing game, that would really suck.
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