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Hey what's up guys!!!

I picked up this hyper about 3 weeks ago to start a new project bike my other bike is a 959 panigale i enjoy working my self of bike and hopefully ill make this one as nice as the other!!! have a couple of parts lined up for this build and plenty of more to come ill be striping the entire bike this week to get some parts powercoated and some tlc on whats necessary.

Parts in hand:

-Brembo serie oro front rotors
-lightech fixed foot pegs
-retrofit projector headlight
-carbon fiber side tanks
-carbon fiber tail covers
-carbon fiber tank center piece
-carbon fiber top headlight fairing kit
-shiftech integrated tail light
-ducati Performance low profile seat
-nrc side mount turn signals
-rsr intake kit
-michelin power gp tires
-evotech radiator guard
-sc project short slip-on (bike came with it)

And a few small parts loll

Theres alot of more parts coming in and that i would like to get hopefully soon i can take everything to get painted and start reassembling everything.

still looking*

*rapid bike evo
*rapid bike auto blipper
*high mount full termignoni exhaust
*ducabike clear clutch
*ohlins damper

Left some pictures of my panigale

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To run that clear cover you want ,you will need to also convert to hydraulic actuation . Right now it is a cable pull style and that won't work. You need hydraulic push system(like every other Ducati). I highly recommend the Starace RSR intake system along wit the newly released velocity stacks. The bike will rev quicker and pull harder all the way to red line. If you want to run a traditional linkage quick shifter you will need to mount full aftermarket rearsets (I see you have lightech but if I remember correctly the are just replacement pegs and levers). They won't work with a traditional load cell. You could mount the Bonamici lever(its linkage mount is clocked back enough to fit the load cell) or get full aftermarket rearsets. Pay attention to weather or not it requires a rod between hyme joints. You want one with at least a couple inch rod to squeeze the sensor in their
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