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Hi everyone, Im in what id call engine limbo right now.
So i am halfway through collecting parts to build a 08-09 hypermotard and im at the point where im taking parts to get powder coating and looking at a completed rolling chassis afterwards.
Having a hard time finding an engine, a good engine i can be assured and have faith in. Whats on ebay is frustrating, if its not one thing wrong its another. For example there is such a COMPLETE 1100DS but has water damage, good price but quite a gamble. It could just be a light coat of rust in the bore or it could be in the heads. Also could have dirt soaked into the bearings and you just went from a $400 deal to $1400 rebuild. Option 2 is a complete engine with a video running but no clutch components, and from what i see the typical mount crack. Too high of a price @ $1300 for no clutch parts. so those 2 engines about balance out. Regardless it seems your going to put the money somewhere. The last option is to build one, now there is a 2010 Evo bottom end that has low miles but again robbed of a few parts. Can you mix an evo bottom end with DS heads? then use a 08-09 ecu and harness?
So if anyone maybe has a spare 1100DS engine laying around thats in good shape and can take at least a few good years of vigorous canyon riding and a few track days, im listening. Besides that im mechanically inclined and i dont think any of these 3 engine options would defeat me, but maybe my wallet :smile2: Ideas?
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