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Hi all,

I've got following problem with my Monster Dark 600 from '98:
Horizontal cylinder is not working (cold pipe). I have checked both spark plugs - ok; ignition coils - ok; cam belts - ok...
I figuer out that it could be problem with HT lead, becouse spark seems to be weak. I also checked, that it seems that in my Monster model HT lead can't be reconnected from ignition coil since it is one coherent device (can't see any connector or screw). This is quite strange becouse in "Haynes" manual i readed that HT lead can be reconnect from ignition coil, but maybe not in my model?
I phoned to my local Ducati dealer to check the price of new HT lead (with ignition coil ofcourse) - and I died. This will costs fortune, becouse they will need to order this part from Itally (I live in Poland) :(

And here is my question: have anybody try to reconnect and replace broken HT lead without ignition coil? Is it possible? Maybe there is some other way to check if it is problem with HT lead than reconnect all device (coil and HT lead)?

Any help is more than welcome!
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