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Hi guys.

I mounted high comps drop in from je pistons.
They are used but in very good condition. My barrels have 43k kms on them and looking good.

I bought 2 new sets of piston rings and now am curious how to break in the piston rings in a good way.

I know there are schemes to use on a dyno bench but i have to do it in the streets so thats really different.
Let me hear your thoughts please.

My bike is a 1993 900ss.
Standard carbs but with dynokit stage 2
Cutopen airboxlid with k&n filter.
Very light flywheel (600ss)


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My procedure which may not even be a good idea but it was taught to me by Bruce Meyers a Ducati hall of famer.

I break in on conventional oil.
I do about 5-10 heat cycles cold to 200 degree oil temp range
I try and vary rpms as much as possible but nothing extreme.
Then straight to the dyno.

As a rule it seems slow and steady gets may get longevity but a fast break in gets break in done faster to get peak power sooner. Important on a race bike not so much on a street bike.

Just my .02$ your results may be different.

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The protocol I was told by a mechanic that builds $100K duc race bikes.
He said it was dictated to him by old school ducati factory engineers..

Meant to do be done on a dyno, but riding around the neighborhood suffices too--

1. Start up, let idle and warm up gently- 5 minutes max(ish)
2. Turn off, let cool.
3. "Ride it" being very gentle for 8-10 minutes- (don't go over 4K rpm but don't lug)
4. Stop and rev the motor: 10 times to almost redline
5. Rev 5 times to redline.
6. Cool down.
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