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Hi ~~

got this Rapidbike 3 kit from e-bay ~~ i got it for less than $250 !

But~~ I just cannot figure it out how to use this thing ~!! It seems way

to complicated than the Power commanderIII kits ~~!!!

I installed the two softwares that comes along with the kit ~

rapidbike manager / rapidbike pro softwares ~!!

I was told that select the bike model by using rapidbike manager and than

send the file to the module~! But some how when ever I trt to sent the bike

type to the module ~ is say " open all files" ------- what files??????????

damn ~!!!!!

If anyone have a experience on rapidbike please give me some advise ~!!

I should have bought the powercommander ~ which seems a lot easier ~!

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Send me your email address. I have the Rapid Bike 3 on my Duke. I contacted Rapid Bike directly and can forward you all the emails. I hope you are going to dyno tune it becasue the preloaded maps that Rapid Bike gave me were VERY VERY off the mark.
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