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Hi everyone,

I did a search on this forum and other forums and could not find out how to fit my new DP clutch into my 2001 996. The DP Clutch part DPSK 232F will fit other models as well. The parts in the kit:

1 small concaved/dished steel plate
2 thicker steel plates
7 thinner steel plates
8 fiction plates
6 springs

I ended up emailing DP and below is the response I got from Frank from DP.

Our clutch kit as you say has 8 plates. The way to fit this kit is as follows:

First fit is the bevelled shaped small steel plate with the concave or dish facing you. Next is one of the two thick steel plates in this kit. Then Fiber-Steel etc until last plate is the second of the thicker steel plates.

Thought I could share this to everyone because my kit didn't come with instructions and my original clutch had 2 concave steel plates and 7 fiction plates. If this was one another thread, I'm sorry for being redundant.



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Go on the web and link to an DP, Bucci or STM slipper clutch directions. I know that there is a website that had Bucci written/pictorial directions. They should help you....
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