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Hey guys,

I recently wanted to help lower my 998's temperatures by replacing the coolant with water wetter. It was my first time doing this sort of thing, and the user's manual doesn't instruct us on how to flush coolant, so I sort of just had to figure it out.

I couldnt find a drain bolt, so I un-did the lowers hose popping out of the radiator and just let it all drip out.

The manual said that the 998's coolant circuit capacity is 3.5 liters, but for some reason, when I flushed everything out, it was only 2.3 liters. I started adding distilled water and only got 2.5 in before it started overflowing through the expansion reservoir next to the gas tank.

I was able to add a 12 caps of water watter to the distilled water, since the bottle said add 3-4 caps for each quart.

Why does the manual say I have to had 3.5 liters when I could only fit 2.3-2.5 liters in it? Did I miss a crucial point to drain everything out? I should have been able to add basically almost a whole gallon of distilled water right? (since a gallon = 3.7 liters.) Can anyone please confirm these numbers? And also, whether I pulled a stupid and didn't drain ALL the coolant out? What's the correct way to let coolant out?


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should be a allen head bolt LH side cover under the water pump, you havent drainned the rear or front cyl due to the thermostat housing being between the rad bottom hose and front cyl look for a black plastic round ablong with hose fittings that it!
cheers Kev
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