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How many miles do you put on your bike in a year?

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Reading through threads, I'm amazed to see how varied this seems to be.

How many miles to you put on your Duc in a year? And if you have more than one bike, how many miles do you put on your others in a year? All total?

Just curious!
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I ride about 12,000 miles a year. Sometimes more. I covered 16,000 miles in 2005. I've got off to a slower start this year because the weather in the PNW has been pretty lousy! Still, I have at least 5,000 miles of riding confirmed for the next 3 months. :D

Only got the one bike...

2002 ST4s; owned 3 years; 46,800 miles on the clock

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Ouch....tough question. In one year I once put 21k miles on bikes and another year I only rode 800 miles in a 12-month period. I now have a wife and a 16-month old, so riding is limited. This is what I did last year, though...

1) Harley - 6,000 miles of to-and-from work commuting
2) ST2 - 2000 miles of two-up, twisty riding
3) 748 (put back on the road in May) - 1000 miles of twisty mountain riding
4) Husky - about an hour of dirt riding.

Since 1993, though, I have only averaged about 7,000 miles a year.

Edit - Interestingly, here are my bikes, years owned, and mileage on the odometers (or what I've put on them):

1) Harley - 12.5 years/66,000 miles
2) ST2 - 5.5 years/22,000 miles
3) 748 - 3 years (off the road for one)/5600 miles
4) '99 SS750 (totaled) - 3 months/3000 miles

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ST2 - 5k miles
SS - 7k miles
LeMans - 2k miles
LeMans w/ sidecar (not the same bike) - 3k miles

I walk to work, so most of this is back-road twisty stuff.

To copy Terry,

SS1000DS - 1 year, 7k miles

ST2 - 2 1/2 years - 18k miles

LeMans - 21 years - 90k miles

LeMans w/ sidecar - 14 years - 42k miles


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I average about 10K miles a year. I was away from home for the first two months this year so it might be a little less.

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Average about 12,000 miles between the two bikes from April-October. Sometimes I get a few days in during the winter months.

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Usually 10-14,000mi/yr.

Last yr about 3,500 on the 996.

2,800 on the S4R before the actions of a 17yo led to it's demise and my breaking a wrist.

3,600 on the Triumph Daytona 955i SE I got since there weren't any more S4R's to order from DNA.

And about 400 on the ol Beemer.

All this with about 5wks off midsummer for broken bone recovery. MH

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Shame on you! You live in Asheville, NC and only logged 6,000 per year? Man, you got to leave work earlier and take the long way home more often. Man, that are is absolute Paradise on 2 wheels. I take it you'll be at the Ducs on the Ridge run...we have to talk. -Capt

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I don't consider myself as hardcore as many others here. For example if there's a 30% chance of severe thunderstorms for the day, I'll take the cage to work (52 mile roundtrip). But I do manage to commute about 4 times a week roughly. And at least the riding season is pretty much year-round (especially now that I have the Gerbing gloves). I didn't take any long trips last year (just got the Duc in December and the Shadow is getting old and decrepid). The Shadow is now just my change-of-pace local scoot.

ST3 (commuting, daytrips) ~8, 000/yr
Shadow (errands, local riding, cruising) ~ 2,000

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About 12,000 miles/year, but last year got cut short when my 02-ST4s was totaled in August. The weather has been too iffy to put on a lot of winter & spring mileage. We did get 27 consecutive days of rain last winter.

I am reaching a point where I would rather wait for quality rides rather than rack up mileage "just to be riding".

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Last year, 8000 miles. Street/Track
But at the rate I am going now, I will at least double that this year. Combining street and track.
Hell I did 1100 miles Easter Weekend.

And will probably do 500 this weekend, with a track day on Monday.
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