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Does anyone know how many 848 evo corse se's were produced in 2012. And also 2013. I found an advertisement for a 2012 on craigslist claiming there were 1500 made. I googled it and couldnt find anything on it

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I must have a more powerful Google... :)

From another Ducati forum:

Just for giggles I emailed Ducati and queried about the number of Corse SE's that were sold in the US (having seen very few others in person). Today I received an answer and the numbers really surprised me (especially since these numbers are global). The email is as follows:

"With reference to your request, the number of 848 evo Corse SE produced worldwide in 2012/13 are 2,334; 1547 produced in 2012 and 787 in 2013.

I remain at your disposal.

Kindest regards and happy new year,

Customer Service
Ducati Motor Holding Spa
Borgo Panigale – Italy"
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