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Convertin a 998 is alot easier then an older desmoquattro bike, since your bike has the computer next to the battery.

You will need the following
*BiP Subframe
*BiP seat complete (doh!)
*rearsets for passenger (should be included in the subframe)
*4 hours of free time.

It´s a matter of unbolting the rearsubframe and cable lock aswell as any electrics, unbolting the heatshield. Then do it reverse style with the new subframe.

Fairly easy and straightforward. Just med sure to torque everything.

And your Mono seat will still fit the BiP subframe if you want to put that on..

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The undertray/Heatshield is different also, as the Biposto version has cutouts for the footpegs and some of the mounting holes are in different places.

I got a C/F undertray with my Mono seat and I had to cut/drill it to make it fit, which is OK on the C/F one but might be a bit messy on the OEM Plastic unit with its riveted holes etc. ;)
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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