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How come there haven't been any 999R threads lately?

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As i sit here trying to justify the cost of a 2006 999r Xerox.... i was SO hoping that folks would be talking about 999Rs here
but, alas, no one is :(

doesn't anyone want to help push me "over the edge" in this purchase decision today?

thanks, so much, in advance :D
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already some response.... it's a start :)
my dealer has 0169 and 0172 sitting on the floor (the 2nd bike came by mistake and will have to go back soon if it isn't sold..... though i'm sure that no "DEALS" will be forthcoming :D )
rz33v4 said:
You won't find too many 999R threads because the asking price separates the "men from the boys".
so, people with more money than sense can't type?

i know that you are right
it is an unrivaled machine at any price.... that we can buy
i HAVE to have it
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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