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How About Some Service

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We read threads about some good dealer service and some bad. So, I just thought I'd mention that I took my ST4s to Northern Coloado BMW/Ducati at Loveland for the 600 mile service a couple of months ago. They had to order a part for an issue with the fuel gauge (warranty of course). I took it back down there for this repair about a month later. I was very well pleased with their service. I was able to talk with the technician about the repair and another item or two. Everyone was very cordial and professional. I will return for further service.
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BMW/Ducati of Charlotte (North Carolina) has always given me excellent service since 1996! Repairs and services have always been quick and efficient. Prices are reasonable. They always offer me a loaner if the work is going to take longer than an hour. (I usually refuse a loaner because I enjoy standing around the showroom with a cup of coffee "talking bikes".)

I once had a problem with my BMW. It wouldn't start - on a Saturday afternoon. This was not good because I had planned to begin a trip on Sunday morning. I called the service manager and he told me to bring it on in. The tow truck got the bike to the shop around 2:00. They immediately took the bike into the service area and started to work. They fixed the problem (a disconnected fuel line inside the tank) in less than an hour. I was out of the shop and headed home by 3:00!

Does anyone know anything about Moto Europa in Richmond, VA? I am much closer to them than Coleman Powersports in Woodbridge. I tried to buy an ST3 from MotoEuropa but they said they weren't going to get anymore until next year. They do work on BMWs too, which would be convenient, since the BMW dealer is in Fredericksburg.

Any anecdotes or experiences to share?

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I am going in to Moto Meccanica in Santa Rosa for my 600 mile service at the end of this month. They are my purchasing dealer, but I haven't had any service done by them, yet. I called yesterday and left a message that I wanted to make an appointment (they weren't open on Monday, duh). They called me this morning about 0930 to let me know the earliest they could get me in would be this Thursday or Friday. Unfortunately, I can't go either day, so I had to take the 30th. They have informed me that it is a 3 1/2 hour service, so I will bring a book, I guess, as I live 120 miles away. I will relate all my experiences with these guys once it's all done. Hopefully, I will have nothing but good things to say.
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