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Hot Rod 1995 900SS 900CR SS/CR
I bought this girl off ebay about a year ago. Someone had done a crazy amount of work to her and then parked her. The family I bought it from said that the builder died of cancer. When I got her she had the items listed below. The person who did the work did a GREAT job, everything was very well done. I just (8/1/17) had the forks rebuilt and the valves adjusted. He also weighted the bike with a half take of gas, 388 pounds, 50/50 weight distribution, that's pretty good.

Build work done before I got her:
Black powder coated frame, swingarm, fairing bracket, valve covers and maybe the sides of the oil cooler.
Keihin FCR 39mm Flatslides
Hi-comp stock bore pistons
Light flywheel
Light clutch basket (rest of clutch looks great)
Magnesium Marchesini 5 spoke wheels
Michelin track tires (older spec gives you an idea when build was done)
Rear sets (not that great, color is wearing off and thin spots show cracks, still work as they should)
Pi Research System 2 race dash and sensors for Oil Temp, Oil Pressure, and speed, also tells, voltage and has a few other options not hooked up.
Modified and powder coated upper fairing bracket for dash.
Fresh brake pads.
Rare and elusive D&D Full 2 into 2 exhaust, carbon mufflers and hangers (very cool, light and plenty of clearance)
Fresh stainless lines for front and rear brakes
Custom breather filter.
Customized airbox.
Individual K&N filters
Custom inner fender
Very tiddy custom wiring for the upgrades.
Full CARBON tail (with factory seat), upper and front fender, paint is track quality, 6 or 7 out a 10
What I've done in the last year and 1000 miles of ownership:
Fresh fluids, 2 oil changes
New plugs
Ultrasonically cleaned and rebuilt carbs
Belts changed a year ago
Replaced battery
Replaced windscreen
Replaced bar ends
Installed cheap Ebay bar end mirrors in place of factory mirrors to keep the bike narrow
Valves adjusted
Fork seals
Some new hardware

What she needs and flaws:
Front brake lever is missing the ball, but I can't find a replacement in the right color
The race dash doesn't have a odometer so I don't know what the mileage is, the dash is also not backlit so pretty useless in the dark, it also has it's own power switch so you have to turn it on and off.
Oil temp guage needs a new sender/sensor installed in the drain plug

If I kept her I would.... Do nothing, just keep ridding her. It's a great bike that flies between traffic, up mountains roads and commutes as well as my VFR. I've had over 12 900cc Ducati's, I'm going to regret selling this one more than any other in the past. Email me for more pictures of better quality.

Bike is in Encino
Jay Goddard
[email protected]


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