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A problem I've had when doing my 2v valve adjustments is holding down the damn closing rocker arm. My hand gets fatigued, the screwdriver or EMS tool slips and next thing I know, the rocker arm snaps up and catapults the shim and/or partially placed collet across the garage. Plus, installing the collets would be easier if I had more room to get my fingers in there.

I upgraded to MBP collets and didn't want to risk losing them, so I decided to make a rocker arm holder. It's rough looking but shit, does it make the job easier to do now. Had this existed when I started learning how to do the valve service a couple of years ago, I would have bought it.

Here are some pics. I thought about making a couple extra in case anyone could use them for a few bucks, but it was a bit time consuming to make.

Homemade tool to hold open Ducati 2v rocker arms during closing valve service https://imgur.com/gallery/hajnd
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