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I am in the process of rebuilding the engine on my 998S.

A mate of mine looked at the tool recommended by Ducati to hold the alternator in place while tightening the nut. He made this out of 1/4 inch steel and a 10mm bolt. Works perfectly when I torqued up the altternator nut.

On my bike I have to use 270 Nm of torque to seat the alternator nut properly. You may differ in opinion, but having to use my full weight to get that wrench to click at 270 Nm can not be good for the gears if you lock the crank in position by any "shortcut" method. (i.e. clutch holding tool on clutch side or a penny stuck in the gears.)

I would personaly not recommend risking it due to the amount of force required to seat that nut properly.

Hope this helps



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