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Hmm - Dilemma

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Okay - so I put on my new Calsci XL windscreen - and wow perfect. A little big, but when touring/cold weather - it is the perfect screen. I really think the cutout is key to stopping the turbulence as when I put my hand over it the turbulence comes. Night and day difference. FYI - the Large Vstream is for sale if anyone wants. I do put the Aztec spacers on for moving the windscreen out so my radar detector and my iphone mount do not hit the windscreen when turning.

OK - here is the dilemma: I noticed the windscreen moving some, so when i got home i was investigating where the nose of the front fairing connects with the headlights - BAMM - the tab is broken from the fairing, hence there is nothing in the rubber pad. It is hard to explain, as I didnt even knew this connection existed. The OEM parts manuals don't show how these two parts work together either. If interested, look under the nose of the fairing from the side where it meets the light housing in the center - you'll see it. It seems underneath the nose fairing there is a little tab that slides into the rubber pad to keep the fairing from boucing around. The tab on the back of the fairing is broken. I know the install of the windscreen didn't do this, maybe it came that way from the factory or maybe when i dropped my bike in the garage and the windscreen support broke - this happened at the same time? T

Sh.. - now what? :confused: A new front fairing is around $564 and the rubber pad is around $5 (for a pack of 5..weird) That fairing is going to be a bitch to get off as just changing the windscreen support took a while due to that bottom bolt.

Any ideas? Double sided tape and call it a day?
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In your OP you mention a "lab" is broken from the fairing.


If you post a picture of the exact part of the fairing that is broken you will get much better advice. You can fix these parts but you need different approaches if it is plastic or carbon fibre.

The rubber grommet should be an easy replacement from any auto parts store or specialist rubber parts supplier. In OZ we have a chain of stores called "Clark Rubber" that have a range of parts that will do the job for a few cents.
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