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Smut peddler
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I originally bought one for my multi, but I also tried it on my hyper. I didn't like it on either, it doesn't feel planted, no matter the level of inflation. Im sure you're not going to be busting corners every mile, but it's an awkward feeling that I dint feel comfortable with. I understand what you're saying aboot the stock seat. It feels so cushy at first, but then really pushes on your pressure points. My two suggestions are as follows.

1-longterm, you will like the sargent comfort seat. I didn't at first,, because it's flat like a tractor seat, but after getting used to it, it's really comfy.

2- short term, get a good pair of cyclist shorts. I wear my Fox mountain biking shorts with thin padding on the butt and inner thighs under my jeans on long rides now. It has worked really well. You can't tell that they're on while walking around, but they save your ass (literally) on long rides.

Have a great ride!
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