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HM1100S - Airhawk?

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Hi all,
I have a trip coming up where I'll be covering significant distance every day for the best part of a week. However, I find that any time I spend more than a couple of hours on board the seat gets pretty uncomfortable. I have the DP sports seat fitted - the original is even worse as the foam quickly collapses and my weight goes straight through to the seat base.
So I'm considering an Airhawk - can anyone please:
- Let me know if this worked for you?
- Which Airhawk model is the best for an HM1100?
- Has anyone got a better idea?

Thanks in advance all, any suggestions welcomed.

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+1 on the Sargent seat I have used the DP Comfort seat the DP Racing seat
and a Sargent with piping, The best seat I have ever had on the Hyper hands
down is a (Sargent Seat w/o the piping). The piping can become a pain after
a long time in the seat and they look much better w/o it. I picked up a Sargent
Seat with a damaged cover for $90 and Sargent has a repair service they put
a new cover on it w/o the piping for $100. During the winter they run off season
repair specials. Pics are not my seat but mine looks the same.


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