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HM1100S - Airhawk?

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Hi all,
I have a trip coming up where I'll be covering significant distance every day for the best part of a week. However, I find that any time I spend more than a couple of hours on board the seat gets pretty uncomfortable. I have the DP sports seat fitted - the original is even worse as the foam quickly collapses and my weight goes straight through to the seat base.
So I'm considering an Airhawk - can anyone please:
- Let me know if this worked for you?
- Which Airhawk model is the best for an HM1100?
- Has anyone got a better idea?

Thanks in advance all, any suggestions welcomed.

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I have the airhawk 2 for my multi - use it for trips longer than a weekend. I have the medium which works well with the Multi (not sure about the hyper). It's important that it not be wider than the seat in the front or it'll just chafe your legs.
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