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HJ from belgium :)

Purchased my firs motorcycle. A 2005 S4R
slightly modified over the past months :)

WAS a dark edition, previous owner chose to repaint the fueltank in Alfa Romeo Rossi, a Dark red, beautiful with the retro lettering.

Was completely standard bike when i purchased it.

Changes so far:

Dual headlight with Hi/lo SlimFit HID kit
PowerCommander with custom mapping
Open air filter
Decat pipe
Open termis
Boomtubes on their way :D

First time on the bike at the previous owner's place, I was immediately in love

Thx to Ducati Monster Tail Chop | Chopping Monster tails. One Ducati at a time.

Took a break from my exams today, and did this:

Rear integrated tail light (smoked)

+ Rear tail chop

Smoked integrated rear tail light

More to come when the boom tubes arrive :)

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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