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High rpm longevity

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Hi all....Im going to be running the Lightning track in Jersey soon on my modified GT1000. Will the FAT DUCK 02 adjusment circut help me along with my chipped termi slip ons, or is this overkill? This Track is faster than Thunderbolt and I want to run quick all day.....Will enriching airflow help cooling?
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Obviously by enriching mixture your motor will run a bit cooler, but you are loosing some power, keep it in mind. I don't know your settings, but at this time of the year motor shouldn't be running hot. Do you have a temp gage? or any way to monitor engine temp? Ideally to run 220-230 for air cooled motor. Make sure to warm it up to 180 before rolling of the grid. If it runs to cool you can tape the oil cooler. By removing the tape strips you can keep the right temp as an air get warmer...
My .02
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