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High rpm longevity

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Hi all....Im going to be running the Lightning track in Jersey soon on my modified GT1000. Will the FAT DUCK 02 adjusment circut help me along with my chipped termi slip ons, or is this overkill? This Track is faster than Thunderbolt and I want to run quick all day.....Will enriching airflow help cooling?
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I have never heard of a Duc in a proper state of tune and with properly tensioned belts being hurt by hard running at a track day. In fact it appears to be good for them.

The low back pressure Termis, off course, require a different ECU - one that will not connect to a Fatduc. If you put on low-back pressure cans (and worse, an open air box) and did not change the ECU all bets are off. I snapped the vertical belt on my `93 SS by making such changes and "putting off" the necessary re-jetting. Ooops.

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