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Thanks again for the responses. Regarding power loss, I guess I wouldn't know any difference since I have never ridden another 998 (or any other Ducati for that matter). It feels plenty fast for me, and I absolutely love the bike.
It amuses me that greedy mechanics like to bullshit potentially good customers right from the start.

It's almost like they want to punish you for enjoying your bike, 37k is not high mileage, it's you enjoying your bike, sure it's getting up there but there are plenty of guys and girls who literally ride them to death and that death comes much, much later than 37k
2012 Diavel, 142,000 kms still going strong, fuel pump only
1996 900SS 225,000 kms valve seats and rings
1992 750SS 150,000 kms frame cracked, engine has never been apart
2014 1200 Multi 200,000 kms dodgy starter switch

These bikes are owned by friends of mine, all serviced regularly, all ridden in all kinds of weather.
resale on all of them is non existent because they have been thoroughly used but they have certainly got value from their purchase....

In short, your bike doesn't need anything more than scheduled servicing (an extra oil change in between won't hurt, it's cheap) the only time it need anything specific is when it displays symptoms that show it needs it, symptoms are not mileage!
21 - 21 of 21 Posts