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HID install on 848 EVO Corse SE

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Here's a step by step install of a slim ballast HID kit for my 12 848 EVO Corse SE.
Time to pay if forward.....
1) Here's the HID kit laid out
2) Here shows the back view of the headlight cover.
3) Headlight cover removed showing the original H11 bulb installed.
4) Original bulb removed.
5) HID bulb installed in socket.
6) All connections plugged together. This part should be fairly easy as the connectors only go in one way. Piece them together as you see here. Zoom in when in doubt.
7) There may be other kits available and different versions available from the same company so this part is a brand by brand basis. The kit i'm showing you is the latest version from Xentec. You're going to need to grind off the four "legs" from the ballast box so that the box squared off and will clear the sides of the headlight housing as you're sliding it in. I used a grinder with my air compressor but a file will do just fine. It's plastic so it should be fairly easy.
8) This photo shows the "grounded off" box compared to the original ballast
9) Now slide the ballast into the top part of the headlight housing. It's a very tight fit so put some effort into it but don't push too hard where the veins on your neck starts to pulsate. When in doubt, take it back out and look inside to make sure there's clearance and no wire getting in the way.
10) Here's a view of the ballast pushed in.


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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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