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So I've decided to return to Ducati after a few years was away from my 998, seeing what all the fuss was about with other manufactures bikes.
So after my 998 I picked up a 2004 RC51 Sp2 Nicky Hayden which was my second RC51 having had an SP1..... I still wish I hadn't sold it, it was immaculate.
Sold the Sp2 and built a Taylormade ticked out 2009 CBR1000rr in full Castrol race colors......didn't like that at all!
Sold the Blade and rode a 2010 KTM RC8, being 6' 3" a truly great bike being so adjustable and faultless handling and power.
Sold the RC8 and bought a 2010 Aprilia RSV4 Factory with full Akrapovic system....... the bike is stupid quick and helped me realize my heightened sense of mortality was getting in the way of riding it to its full potential....lol.
Sold the RSV4 and here we are again, except this time I own a 1999 996s with 30k on the clock, Arrow pipes, PC3, and a comfier seat than stock. This ones a keeper and IMO is still the best looking bike ever made, so now I get the same old thing from the wife "are you in the garage looking at that bloody bike again!" just like with my 998.
When drove it home she commented "Oh you bought that pretty bike again but this one a lot louder" I replied "yup sure is" and closed the garage door.

So looking forward to using the huge resource pool here on the forum whilst aging gracefully with the 996s.


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Hi and welcome to Ducati.ms! We are super happy to have you here. That is a beautiful 996s.

Please fill in your location information in the UserCP Edit Your Details section, that can help if there might be someone local to you give a hand or find new friends to take a ride.
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