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Hi, I'm Red Bravo from Philippines, currently out of the country for work. I love dirt bikes and I was into MX racing during my younger days. Now love to own a DUCATI. I'm looking to buy new Hyper 1100 EVO SP, but out of stock most of the dealership in our country, I found one dealer that has 1 unit left brand new 2011 EVO SP.
Is it a good idea to go ahead and pull the trigger for this 2011 EVO SP or wait for 2013 Hyper which I don't know if Ducati will still have new version of 1100 EVO SP liquid cooled with dry clutch.
Any difference between 2012, 2011 Hyper EVO SP?
Any thought Sir?
Thank you very much.

Much Respect,

Red Bravo
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