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New Ducati owner here, finally.
I've loved the 916 line since it came out in 1994 and today I finally got myself a 996. Its a 2000 model with only 10,000 miles and in better than showroom condition.
While searching for a bike I was amazed at the variations in condition and price. I found some amazing bikes in immaculate condition that were priced reasonably and others that were in horrific condition, abused and neglected by owners demanding Blue Book money.
In the end I bought from a friend of a friend, but within an hour of taking ownership I had 2 other sellers call me back saying they would accept the offer I made weeks or months earlier. Sounds like the market isn't supporting prices that owners thought they could demand.

Anyway, a little about me. I'm a former racer, current track day instructor. I bought this 996 with the intention of doing 90% track riding, 10% street - at most. I cant wait to see how the Ducati handles compared to the Japanese bikes I've ridden exclusively in the past.
I'm shopping for a cheap, lightly damaged tank and fairing to use on the track to save the original pristine bodywork.

I've worked on a lot of 2-valve Ducatis in the past although never owned one. I look forward to doing a valve adjust on the new 4-valve head. I always do my own maintenance, and I also make my own custom parts using my CNC mill and training in advanced composites.

If there are any members here from the Dallas area I hope to see you on the track soon.

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