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Hello everyone! Dustin here from the Binghamton area of New York. Came into the world of Ducati about two years ago in which I had my first street bike, though I have been racing dirt bikes for a good 10 years.

Some quick info:
First bike was a 1988 Ducati Paso 750 (metallic blue) unmolested with tons of upgrades. Put about 3,000 miles on it and now have it parked in my garage (fluids drained of course).
Bought another 1988 Ducati Paso 750 (metallic blue) as a project bike, fairings need to be fixed and needs some parts for the motor, but for 500$ I wasn't going to pass.
A friend gave me his 1977 Ducati GTL 500 for me to use for whatever reason I wanted. I tore it all down and put it back together and it runs like a champ, but sits parked with the other 2 Ducati's :)

Now I am looking to get a new/newer Ducati :)

I hope to learn more about the newer bikes from here!
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