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I bought my yellow '06 SC1000 Monoposto a couple of months ago. Under 3K miles, 2-1 Termis, open clutch cover, rizoma mirrors, a few carbon bits . . . just a great bike! I have all of the original stock parts.

I live in LA. I've been following this forum since I got the bike (had I known about it before I would have been on it long before that) - fortunately the purchase worked out fine. Traveled cross-country to look at bike, bought it on the spot, then shipped it back to LA.

My favorite things about the bike - the way it looks, and the "aggressive" riding position. Riding the bike is an engaging experience - seating position, forward reach to the clip ons, heat, sound of the Termi/open dry clutch - to me these are what make the bike special.

I'm pretty much of a short-distance rider. I rarely take trips longer than 50 miles. I ride the bike whenever I can - fact is I never drove a car much either!

Future plans for the bike - eventually I'll start adding some new mods/personalizing the bike - maybe do something with the belt covers, change the stock wheels, add a little bling to the clutch, etc.

I'm far from a "techie" about the bike. I think I generally have a good feel for how it works - but after reading a lot of the posts on the forum I realize how little I know.

I'd like to do some more riding too and am always looking for locals who'd like to do the same.


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