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Hello to all. My names Rene and I am from Southern California. Im looking to buy a Ducati, 749 to be exact, sometime soon. Looking to get all the info I can From the forum. I have a couple questions.

The bike i am looking at is an '06 749 dark with about 10k miles. Clean title, never dropped and pretty much stock.

1. How well do they do in the heat? I live in the desert and would be riding in temps ranging from 105-115 in the summer. The drive would be around 25 mins.

2. How expensive can the services be and how often? Can i do the basic oil changes and just take it in to a dealer for engine tune ups and such? Is it important for the dealer to be a Ducati one or can any dealer work on it? The closest Ducati dealer to me is about 2 hours away.

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