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Hi Beam H11 Upgrade to LED

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For 2014 Multistrada 1200S: The high beam bulbs are an embarrassing yellowish conventional H11 (12V-55W) bulb. Is there a quick and easy upgrade LED bulb. Is it hard to switch out?

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I have tried the Supernova V4 and I believe it's the best option albeit a bit expensive. It's an excellent fit, and easy swap (you can also adjust the orientation of the bulbs within the reflector to find the perfect beam pattern). They also give great quantities of light. I suggest those because they are short enough to avoid contact with the forks at full steering lock. Anything longer than 36mm (from the flange to the fan/heatsink) will hinder full steering movement, although the elastic flange will absorb some strain from the push.

If you don't mind about that you may be ok with other options that are cheaper. Don't go for very cheap ones though as they don't give enough light and their quality leaves a lot to be desired (they may burn off quite quickly, although it's the high beam and its use compared to the low beam is minimal)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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