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So I've been lurking here for about a year or two now. I try to learn as much as I can about forums and what they are devoted to before I register, strange habit I guess.

Anyways, I had always wanted a Ducati at some point and after buying my Aprilia RSV Factory and ultimately deciding that I was Twin guy (never inline 4 again), I figured I would pull the trigger on a used Duc.

After having sportbikes/superbikes I really wanted to try something a bit different, but not too different. Found a very clean ST4s ABS and I must say... DUCATI KNOWS HOW TO MAKE A BIKE.

Without a doubt this bike is perfect for me. It's sporty, but at same time so comfortable and practical that it's becoming my number one bike. The RSV Factory is such a great bike, I love it to death and will most likely never sell it. It handles so well and is as sporty as you can really ask for on public roads and mountain twisties, but that Ducati... that Ducati... there's just no words for how amazing that bike is when considering how little it compromises... but it compromises in just the right places, and just enough.

I test rode the new Multistrada and I must say that it didn't really blow me away. The engine did, but as an all around package, not so much. It wasn't even close to my riding position and style so I couldn't really get into it. I really wish they hadn't discontinued the ST line of Ducati's, I would buy a new one right now and keep the old one too!

Anyways, I have a few questions regarding the ST and it's little quirks that I couldn't find with the search tool, so stay tuned for a forum post in the ST section if you would like to chip in with comments for my questions.
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