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Hepco & Becker rear rack

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Just fitted an H & B rear rack to my 900SS carby. Not big enough for a top box but I didn't buy it for that; this rack will make my camping trips a lot more comfortable; my tent will fit nicely on there. Thinking of painting the cross bar red but I'm not sure yet, I'll wait a while to get used to the looks.


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Where did you find that rack? I just want to see if they make one for an SS1000DS.
Try these guys - Ducati luggage, motorcycle luggage, racks, touring | Ventura - I've been using Ventura racks for 30 odd years now (They're a NZ company) - with no problems. Had one on my SL since it was new. They do a nice pack system (number of designs) for their racks too.

One advantage of the taller rack - is that you can strap your tent to it vertically - and keep the bike nice and narrow. I find that having it across horizontally means it tends to get caught on things from time to time.

Errr - here's the US on-line shopping site - http://www.ventura-mca.com/
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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