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Help with ST3s Fork Compression Damping

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Since it is still snowing here I decided to make sure that all of the suspension settings on the ST3s were to factory spec. Anyway, all goes well until I try to adjust the fork compression damping. The little screws up in the bottom of the fork don't really budge more than 1/2 a turn, and I don't feel any "click". According to the manual, it should be adjusted out 12 clicks from all the way in. No way that is happening. Anyone have any experience with this? Should be the same as on the ST4s.

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Those are often incorrectly adjusted. As you are on the ground and looking up at the head of the adjuster bolt, CW is closed and CCW is the way to your 12 clicks. The clicks are very subtle, not really clicks. Be sure all is quiet around you and use a light screwdriver. The light screwdriver allows you to "feel" the detent in the adjuster as well as sort of hear it. Good luck.

Dave Harhay
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