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st stator

have you checked with ducati ref the oil spacer/packer up grade on your st as it is free you pay for labour as st w pahse stator bur out and the oil spacer/packer lets more oil flow over the stator
just give your ducati dealer your bike VIN no its all on file

plus when you get your new stator have the two/2 wires cut off and put 12swg cable on to the stator as even when new the wires cant stand the amps that flow along the wires, take them as close as you can to the crank case and up to the reg/rec do not place them in a plastic cover leave them to run side by side but not in a plastic or sheath yes i know it looks neat but let the air flow over them trust me every one that rides a st2 will have had your faults
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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