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Which one should I get ?

1. TWO BROTHERS Slip On M-2 Exhaust Ducati 848

2. Ducati Termignoni racing carbon. Slip-on w/ECU. How hard is it to change out the ECU ? How to do it ?


And what kind of HP gain am I looking at ? From what I am reading just a slip on without the ECU around 3%-4%...how much more with the ECU ? seems like #2 is about $350 more then other options...

Any other ones I missed ?


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How about the Leo Vince?

Two brothers and Akraprovic are not that hot.

The ECU upgrade on the Termi's isn't a "must have" but if you can afford it, I'd spring for it. If your gonna be running a DOT regulation slip-on, not the racing version, you don't really need that ECU upgrade, your only gain would be sound. If your gonna run the track/racing non-DOT legal version, then I'd spring for the ECU because you'll see some gains in power, all be it very slight. The biggest difference on the 848 is the FULL kit, which increases the diameter of the exhaust system AND removes the flapper valve.

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1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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