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Hello esteemed Streetfighter gurus, I have a question I was hoping you could help with. In the process of installing an integrated tail light I had to remove the DP fender eliminator kit and six extra spacers came falling out of the tail of my bike unexpectedly. Now I can't figure out how to reassemble.


I've done a bunch of searching here and on the Ducati website for instructions, but have come up try. Anyone have a tip or two? What I'd consider a decent design would simply have all the spacers and subplates as one assembly, but c'est la vie. Now I can't seem to reassemble things in the right placement, and it's very frustrating that everything wants to simply fall out the bottom of the bike if I don't have four hands on it at all times. Help me with the order and placement of spacers and layers?

4x identical bolts, no problems there
4x identical nuts that appear to be welded to frame, no problem

Layers (And guessed at order, from top)
1) Frame of bike
2) Loose metal "U" plate
3) Plastic piece under tail
4) Tail tidy frame license plate and signals attach to.

a) 4x identical "T" spacers - looking at the dirt pattern I assume these go with the wide part facing down on the top of layer #4
b) 2x identical "t" spacers - looking at these I'm not sure but I think the short ends are inserted in the two rearmost holes of layer #3

Thanks much, and apologies if my search-fu was bad and there's an instruction PDF somewhere I missed.

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