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I bought my Multistrada from MotoForza in Escondido, California and the salesman didn't know a single thing about the bike. I only got instructions in Italian and not English. Miei italiano e decente, ma che cazzo! Non io leggo il libro con miei italiano.

What does the trip master function do?

How many "dealer easter eggs" are there that can be added to the OEM dash, that add features? Like the TPMS and Racing flash.

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What changes with the various display options? I know track changes the way RPMS are displayed, and City displays speed numerically with a large clock. But I can't figure out what off road, full, and default do.

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What does tire calibration do?

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And the big one that I've been trying to figure out since I got the bike, is proper bluetooth paring. I have a SENA SMH10R and iPhone 12 I've tried to pair with the Ducati. Supposedly you can change songs with your handlebars and even get navigation turn directions on your dash when properly paired. But I can never get all three to work together, so I don't connect the bike, I just use the phone and SENA headset.

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