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I'm having some difficulty getting my computer to read the DDA USB from my SFS. So far I've uninstalled the DDA Analyzer/Downloader software, deleted the program files, and the registry entries, restarting in between. I then disabled digital signatures, then installed the analyzer and firmware upgrade software. Things looked on track until i plugged in the usb to update the firmware, at which point my laptop froze solid. After restarting, the firmware program will not recognize the USB at all, and the DDA downloader program gives a message saying the USB is in flash mode, and that to recover, it needs to be plugged back into the same computer (which it is). I've repeated the full uninstall//reinstall procedure above, but it did not help.

Any thoughts? The software is the most recent downloaded off Prosa's website, and my OS is Windows 10 64 bit. Thanks!
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