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Help, Washed my bike, now dies...

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I washed my 2000 900ss two days ago. It starts normal but at 2200 rpm it dies. I've had this happen once before but is ran normal after a few hours. I've unplugged every connector I can find and have found no water anywhere! I called Ducati and the only advice they had was "don't wash your bike".
Like I said, If I rev it slow it will go to 2200 rpm and just die. If I rev it quick it dies immediately.

Any ideas???
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sounds like condensation on an ignition component....did you check the coils? to make sure those connections were okay as well as to the plugs?....how long did you let it just idle before you tried revving it?....maybe let it idle for 5-10 minutes and heat everything up and maybe it'll magically disapear!
It starts and runs fine and seems normal to 2200 rpms. I've let it sit and run until the temp gets to the middle of the gauge and let it sit some more.
I've parked it outside in the sun for 2 days now without any luck. I checked the coils and no water...
My bike gets wet a lot between riding in the rain and me washing it. No inherent Ducati SS problems I can think of dealing with water intrusion.

I'd say gather all symptoms and post them here. Not much to go on with your idle problem description. What do the plugs look like? Is there water in the airbox, or fuel tank? How did it run before washing? Do you think it may be electrical or fuel related? Does anything else act whacky? Just some random thoughts.. Also, if you have compressed air available, maybe try blowing out all your connections. And last but not least, did you do ANYTHING other than just wash it before you started having this problem???
Do you have an open air box? If so you probably had residual water in your TB's. That may have dropped into your motor when you revved the motor. Just a theory but I'd say continue idling the thing as to letting the water burn out of the fuel. See what your air filter looks like and that might tell a story.

Good luck

Brian C.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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