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Howdy-- I have a 1994 900SS CR and the regulator recently died.

I don't have pictures with me, but the old one fit perfectly on the aluminum backing plate, and appeared to have 3 factory connectors coing out of it. Two yellow wire butt splices (pin connectors), one butt splice (pin connector) that had two red wires going into it, and one black battery tender type plug (with one pin and one hole that had I dunno what color wires going into it.

This is what mine looks like (size, connectors):

The one he ordered looked more like this, but without the oval bolt holes.

So I went to my local Ducati guy and he says these things:

1. The perfectly fitting regulator that was on the bike was not stock.
2. The connectors on the bike were not stock (they looked perfect, were stamped ducati, etc. I'm pretty positive they were stock).
3. The Huge black rectifier he ordered with big square connectors (one gray or clear, and one black) that didn't fit onto the mounting bracket (bolt hole spacing was too far apart) was the right one and somehow my bike had the wrong one. I said he could order the right one but he said "it's nothing a drill won't fix"

He wants to put the big one on my bike and switch the connectors, but it seems like the wrong thing to do to me.

What gives? Does ducati still make a rectifier that links up perfectly with my bike? Something like this, but not aftermarket...?


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P.S. i know you said you are after a genuine Ducati reg/rec but it seems they've been superceded..
*Ducati part number


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These look similar... DUCATI Regulator Rectifier Ducati 900ss 1994-98

Slightly different plug/connector layout - but not by much, and easy to cut and swap plugs so the new one plugs straight into your old connectors. Easier than the one the shop is trying to sell you!

Hmm - it didn't say exactly, but the wiring on the above unit, may be designed to connect directly to the battery... The idea being to bypass the standard wiring loom.

This one looks a closer match!

EnDuraLast - Voltage Regulator Rectifier Combination

I just 'Googled' "Ducati 900 aftermarket rectifier" - shop around a bit - and trawl through this forum (or read the posts that show up from the Google search - a lot from here)- there are LOTS of posts about regulator/rectifier problems and replacements!

Here's another - I've noted some fairly good comments about these units (ESR515) Buy New Regulator/Rectifier Ducati 1-Phase - OEM style 900SS (93) - and it is a plug-in to your harness.

The ESR510 on the same site is also regularly used (or talked about) around here...

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Just put an ESR 510 on my wife's 95, wired it direct to the battery. It works ok, 12.8v at idle and a very steady 14.5v at any rpm above 2000, but now the charge light is flickering at idle, it goes out as soon as the rpm and volts go up. So it is working fine but its kind of annoying seeing the red charge light at idle.
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