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help on a 748

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I am new to the Ducati world/v twins and am having some issues.

2001 748s 5000 miles. friday filled up with 93 octane ran around for about 60 miles and went into work, came out bike will not idle.....adjusted the idle runs around 2 grand at idle as soon as I back off the idle adjust it dies..

Got home drained fuel and replaced, replaced plugs pretty black.

started the bike up same thing, ran it around the block died everytime I let off the throttle.

once again got home drained fuel and replacedwith 89 with a lucas injector cleaner, replaced plugs again pretty black( running rich)

started up and it idles very low after engine warms up it will not idle. took it around the block the bike sputters, surges and dies.
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But does it still have power up high? Can you ride it like normal, but just won't idle?

My 1st thought, fuel filter.

I don't know how new you really are so forgive me if you already know about this but, there's a little tiny switch (a "cold start button") on the right grip in front of the throttle cable housing that runs the idle faster when you first start the bike. This could be your problem. Even when its "cool" outside you may need to warm the bike up with this switch on for a minute or two. Look in the owners manual for details about the switch. (I've actually forgot about the switch after bringing my bike out of winter storage and spent 2 hours trying to figure out why the hell the thing wouldn't start...then I remembered the switch :rolleyes: )
I have never had to use that throttle-holder to keep the bike running. I have used it as a poor mans cruise control through.
If its even the least bit cool (say less than about 65 degrees) outside, I need to use my cold start button to even start the bike and then it needs to idle for about two minutes before I can shut the throttle without having it die.
This was a warm day around 80 deg F, I am still wondering why it is running so terribly after above 200 on local gage. Also this may have nothing to do with it but there is a hesitation as if the power is shut off completly to the bike, it has shut me down on the freeway once before. Also every now and again the bike will not allow me to start it even if the kick stand is up.
Since you got it used, I'd try and get some history on it as far as previous care that was involved. And keep it simple at first while diagnosing like fuel filter which was mentioned. Keep the fuel at or above 91 OCT during all of this. Ensure Air filter is clean and all air passages and intakes are free of anything that would be blocking it. You only need three things for an engine to run, compression, fuel and spark. If you have all of these then that’s where it can get complicated. And I would start at the electrical system after you check all of the above and everything checks out.

Since this is used, you should be wary of any changes that the previous owner made. First thing I would confirm that you have the proper chip. Look at the chip and report back here. Also, include information about your pipe setup.

Once you have confirmed that you have an appropriate chip for your bike, ince this bike is new to you, it would not be money poorly spent to take the bike to the dealer and the EFI completely tuned.

pipes are stock with the exception of d&d slip-ons chip is 059U 748PIP.
OK I know I need to do the 12,000 mi maintenance, but the shop I want to take it to is not being upfront.....What is all covered in this, Also I still do not know if I have the correct chip or not?
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