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It all depends on your riding style, available $$ and what shakes your tail feathers. :)

I have a '97 900ss/sp that fits my needs very well. I commute about 30 miles r/t to work, do a bunch of track days every year, weekend day rides and a few 2-4 day trips as time allows. This summer I hope to do my 1st Iron Butt SaddleSore run on it.

Touring mods include Helibars, LaminarLip, custom Sargent seat and a heated vest & gloves for spring & fall rides. Also have 39mm Keihins, RaceTech suspension upgrades and 39t sprocket. Throw on a tank bag, a set of soft bags, and maybe a tail bag and I'm gone. Doesn't get much better on the back roads than a 2 valver. Loads of stump-pulling torque, plenty of straight line power and it handles like it's on rails. 400+ mile days are easy. Great stuff!!

For track days (and most summer riding) the LaminarLip comes off, Helibars are lowered a bit and sometimes I use the stock seat. Set the suspension a little stiffer and I'm gone. Oh yeah, no heated stuff either. ;)

Maintenance costs on the 2 valve air cooled bikes are the lowest of all Ducs which is cool. Pretty simple setup to work on if you're into doing your own maintenance, none of the fancy stuff like f/i (pre-99), water cooling, abs or all those valves. And it's been as solid as a rock, worst problem in 6+ years and 24k miles was a leaky clutch slave that I fixed for less than 10 bucks back around 3k miles. The 99 & up ss have f/i and some chassis/suspension improvements but the ergos are close to the sbk and I personally can't warm up to the looks. I'd love to have that 1000ds motor in my sp though.

That said...my next bike (someday) will be an ST. It does most of the things the sp does only better. It's more complicated, newer technology, more expensive to maintain, etc., but the hard bags and larger size are better for long rides and 2-up riding but also makes it's not quite as nimble in the twisties. Won't sell the sp though, that's a keeper.

So that's my .02. As others have said it would definately pay to look around at the SS and ST line and get some test rides. good luck!
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