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Help me decide!! - Monster 1000S or 900 Super Sport

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I have decided to take the Ducati plunge and have found two good (what I believe to be good that is) deals on two Ducati bikes:

- 2004 Monster 1000S ie with 4,900 miles fully stock. The price is $6,500.
- 1999 SuperSport 900FF with 13,000 miles, corbin seat, FSF pipes and carbon fiber clutch cover. The price is $5,000.

Both bikes are yellow and in great shape (the Monster is actually Mint with all paperwork and the SS900 is in very good condition with a couple scratches on the lower fairing and the dealer just did a full 12k service on it).

Both are great bikes and both are similar (but much superior) to two previous bikes I've owned in the past (a 1998 CBR 600F3 which I still own but will sell if I buy the Duc, and a 1986 Yamaha Fazer 700S). I just can't decide which one to buy. I don't know which one is the better deal. Since you guys are Ducati experts, can you provide me with the pros and cons of each bike and which one you think is the better deal?

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An SS with bar risers ans a Corbin or Sargent seat would be the better all-rounder, especially if you want to ride to work daily and do an occasional track day.

Don't discount the wind coverage from the SS full fairing versus that little fly screen on the Monster. The SS piece really works and allows effortless cruising at 70-80 MPH.

Have you looked on E-bay for a used 1000SS? My brother bought a brand new leftover 2004 last year for $9500 out-the-door, but there are also good deals on used bikes if you are patient.
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